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About WAV format

Waveform Audio File Format

WAV files are uncompressed audio files that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are a good option for storing music or other types of audio that need to be played back in their original quality. WAV files can also be used as the audio source in video editing software.

The difference between a .wav and a .mp3 file is the compression. An mp3 file is compressed and has a much lower bitrate, meaning that it uses less data to store the same sound. This makes it easier to upload and download. A wav file doesn’t have this compression, which means that it takes up more space on your computer or device.

A WAV audio file is a sound file that stores uncompressed audio in the PCM format. It’s often used by people, who create different kinds of content: musicians, YouTubers, reporters, and so on. Because wav file contains uncompressed data, it perfectly fits to edit it in audio editors, apply effects to it, adjust equalizers, and more. You can export it to a compressed format after you finished your work on it.

There are several ways to convert an audio file from mp3 to wav format. The first is to search for and install some software on your computer. Even if you are an experienced user, this can take a lot of time, because you need to choose one of the hundreds of available programs, and be sure that it will satisfy all your needs, there will be all needed functions, there are no hidden fees, or some watermarks or other limitation in a free version and so on. The other way is to use a free online service. In this case, you can easily try it and understand, if is it suitable for you or not.

The WAV file format is supported by a wide range of devices and Operational Systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. A WAV audio file also can be played on most of the mp3 players. Most modern CD audio players also support wav files, but some old audio CD players can’t play wav files and require only special disks with the type of audio CD.

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