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What is MIME type?

MIME type is a way to classify the data type of a file. MIME stands for "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions." It is an extension of the Internet e-mail standard that defines the different types of content that can be attached to e-mail messages. MIME is commonly used when sending attachments and provides information about the data type, size, and encoding of an attachment. The MIME type indicates what kind of data the attachment contains, for example: text/plain or image/jpeg.

Are the MIME type and file extension the same?

No, the MIME type and the file extension are not the same. The MIME type is only a text string that identifies what kind of content is being transmitted. The file extension is a code that tells the computer which application to use to open the document. Usually, the file extension is corresponding to a certain mime type. But sometimes it can not match, for example when someone changes a file extension manually.

When is useful to know MIME type of file?

Knowing the MIME type of a file is useful when you need to know how to handle it. For example, if you want to upload a file to the web server, knowing its MIME type will help you determine which format is appropriate. MIME types are used by email clients and web browsers to determine what type of content they are handling.

How can I check the file's MIME type?

There are two ways to check the MIME type of a file. The first is to use your operating system's built-in commands. The second way is to look for an extension that matches the file type. For example, ".txt" for plain text files and ".pdf" for PDF files. Or you can use our online tool, which can make this job easy and faster.

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