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About AVIF format

Picture format based on AV1 video format

AVIF Image File Format (AVIF) is a new format for storing images compressed with AV1 video codec. AVIF is smaller, than JPEG and WEBP file formats, which means it can be loaded faster, transmit data at a higher speed with less power consumption.

AVIF is an open-source picture format that is royalty-free and designed for compression. Data use will be decreased, internet speeds will rise, and device compatibility will improve as a result of the new standard's implementation. This encoding efficiency also provides a significant benefit in terms of compatibility.

Compression is available in both lossless and lossy modes. Transparent picture portions are similarly recorded in an alpha channel as well as other image and graphic formats. User interfaces, collages, and brand logos may all benefit from transparency data. High dynamic range (HDR) images, supporting both Rec 2020 and Rec 709 color spaces; Lossless compression; Lossy compression; Monochrome (alpha/depth).

Today, you may include AVIF photos into your website. Because AVIF is still relatively new and isn't completely supported by all browsers, it's recommended to use content negotiation, via the HTML 5 image> and source> tags. To replace the conventional JPEG, AVIF requires HTML code to be included into webpages. The HTML element image> is used to do this. To put it another way, it keeps track of several image sources (sources>) for a single picture (img>). The lowest image element is readout, which is used as a backup option for browsers that can't show WebP or AVIF images. This allows you to supply a JPEG image, which is supported by all major browsers.

You can open AVIF files in browsers including Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The AV1 Image File Format will be supported by Android 12, according to the initial preview. In Android 12, AVIF will be supported. To take use of AVIF, you should use an Image CDN.

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